MEW Wallet User Guide

What is MEW?


Creating a Wallet

If you have a ledger you do not need to do this. The addresses are already generated!

Step 1 - Generate It

First go to the MEW website and click on "New Wallet"

Enter a password into the password field (use a strong password) and click 'Create New Wallet'

Step 2 - Save the Keystore/JSON

follow the instructions and Download the UTC/Keystore file.

this file is your wallet address private key encrypted with your password and made into a downloadable file.

Make sure you back up this file somewhere safe!!! (USB stick)

Once downloaded click 'I understand continue'

Step 3 - Private Keys

Now you will see your wallet address private key.

This is very important to write down and keep VERY safe. all someone needs to gain access is just this private key.

Do not just take a picture and leave it on your phone. write it down. or encrypt it. Don't Lose it!!

Once you have this saved, click 'Save Your Address'.

Opening and using your MEW with Keystore/UTC file

Step 1 - Get to Page to unlock your wallet

Now we need to open your wallet file that you have downloaded in the previous section.

click on the 'Send Ether & Tokens' tab at the top of the page

click on the ' Keystore / JSON File' option and a password field will drop down.

Step 2 - Upload Keystore UTC/JSON and unlock it

Click on 'SELECT WALLET FILE' button shown in grey and a browser window will open to find the UTC/JSON file in your computer.

Find the UTC/JSON file and upload it to MEW to unlock your wallet.

Enter your password and click 'Unlock' to open your wallet.

Step 3 - Send ETH ERC20 Tokens!

You should now be in your MEW and able to send and recieve your ETH and ERC20 tokens!

Adding ERC20 Tokens to your MEW

Step 1 - Go to your ERC20 Explorer

Go on to and search you ETH public wallet address.

Step 2 - Find the token sent you want to add

Find the token that was sent to you, and click on the name of the token.

Step 3 - Find the Info needed to add a token

We only need 3 pieces of information. The Contract address, the symbol, and the decimals.

all this information is on the contract page.

Step 4 - Login to ETH MEW

Once logged in, we want to add the token.

click the link at the bottom 'add custom token'.

Step 5 - Add The Token

Using the information we collected in Step 3, we can now add our token.

Fill the fields provided with:

Step 6 - Send the tokens

Now that we have added our token, we can send it!

click the 'ETH ' button and a list of ERC20 tokens will drop down.

Select the one you want, add the address you want to send.

The gas usually auto generates the best amount to send (if the transaction fails, you need to increase this and send again)

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